Quality Assurance Training Course

This course will teach you about how to check the quality of any kind of software being produced. It will educate you about how to check for any defects or areas of improvement.

Who are Quality Assurance Professionals?

These are people whose area of strength is in testing software for any errors or improvement areas. This is a specialized field and such people are in demand.

Quality Assurance Syllabus

You will be acquainted with the various policies, rules and procedures which are used to make sure that the software has a high quality. Such rules can be many and varied. Sometimes, they are implemented inside a whole organization.

What you will learn

  • Difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Best conventions for QA
  • Purposes of QA
  • ISO 9000 and CMMI level
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Quality Assurance Training

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Questions & Answers

How to enroll in quality assurance course?

You can fill the form which is given in website or contact our reception for more information.

What is the duration of this course?

The duration of this course quality assurance training is about 3 month and 2 classes in a week.

How much I paid for this course?

Enroll fee in our institute is 60$ and the course fee is about 200$

Your institute provide internship for quality assurance?

Yes we provide quality assurance internship for our brilliant student who works hard and achieved his goal.

What is the benefit of this course quality assurance training?

There are many benefits of this quality assurance course, we teach this course in modern method which quality analyst do in professional life.

What qualification required for quality assurance?

We don’t require any degree but when you apply for a large enterprise they required minimum bachelor degree for quality assurance like (BS CS, software engineering, BS IT and other related degrees).

How can I be a good quality assurance?

If you become a good quality assurance you must demonstrate passion for the product and provide a presentation to your client and understand the value of a quality product. Must have technical experience is a plus point.