Software Automation Testing Course

Software automation testing is the opposite of manual testing. In this kind of testing, software is used to automatically test other software which is in the spotlight. This saves time and human effort. This kind of testing is ideal for those areas of the project which have already been tested manually but now are only being tested as a routine check.

Who are SA testers?

These are people who make sure that Software Automation Testing is being done in a correct and efficient manner. They make sure that the testing software is not giving errors and defaults in results.

Software Automation Testing Syllabus

You will be taught the jargon pertaining to this field. You will also be taught the various testing techniques. Furthermore, intensive practice will be given.

What you will learn

You will also learn:

  • Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control
  • Software Quality Factors
  • Static vs. Dynamic testing
  • Software Configuration management
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Software Automation Testing Training

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Questions & Answers

How to enroll in software automation testing training course?

You can fill the form which is given in website or contact our reception for more information.

What is the duration of this course?

The duration of this software automation testing training course is about 3 month and 2 classes in a week.

How much I paid for this course?

Enroll fee in our institute is 60$ and the course fee is about 200$

Your institute provide internship for software automation testing?

Yes we provide software automation testing internship for our brilliant student who works hard and achieved his goal.

What is the benefit this course?

There are many benefits of software automation testing course, we teach this course in modern method which software automation tester do in professional life.

What is required for software automation testing?

Some technical skills of software automation testing should brilliant in automation testing, test architecture, test design, and performance testing. Software automation tester must have knowledge of programming languages like c++, JAVA, Python, and SQL.

How long will it take to learn software automation testing?

It depend on you that how much time you are spent to learn and selenium concepts. You will take around 3 months to learn software automation testing if you have good programming skills.